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Conservation Ontario is the network of 36 Conservation Authorities, local watershed management agencies that deliver services and programs that protect and manage water and other natural resources in partnership with government, landowners and other organizations. Conservation Authorities promote an integrated watershed approach balancing human, environmental and economic needs. Conservation Authorities are organized on a watershed basis.

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Visit the new Source Water Protection Map now available on Ontario.ca
NEWMARKET (February 5, 2016) - This interactive map provides the first provincial view of the more than 970 wellhead protection areas and 150 intake protection zones within the source protection areas in Ontario. You can access over 20 layers of information every time you do a customised search.
It is available in: English and French
The public will be able to see the wellhead protection areas and intake protection zones of the lakes, rivers and aquifers that supply their drinking water, on a provincial scale map. This tool provides them with information needed to make informed property-based decisions. As well, this tool will help ministries and other agencies implement source protection plan policies.
As well, a direct link to the map can be found in the updated General Messages page of the Source Water Protection Resource Catalogue available on Conservation Ontario’s website.

Province approves all 22 Source Protection Plans
NEWMARKET (January 11, 2016) - The Ontario Drinking Water Source Protection (DWSP) program has reached a significant milestone with the approval of all 22 Source Protection Plans by Ontario's Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). The DWSP program is funded by the MOECC and is part of the government's plan to protect its drinking water and the environment. READ MORE

Provincial Plan Review Report recognizes important relationships between environment, economy and people
NEWMARKET (December 16, 2015) Ontario's Conservation Authorities applaud a final report produced by the Advisory Panel on the Coordinated Review of four key provincial plans that suggests using an integrated watershed management approach to ensure resilient watersheds, healthy people and a strong economy. The report also acknowledges the role and responsibilities of Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities in helping to implement many of the plans' outcomes. READ MORE

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